H&M and the interiors brand GP&J Baker recently collaborated to create new line of women's-wear based on patterns from GP&J Baker's archive. The newsletter spread, animation, and email blast were all used by Kravet Inc. to promote the collection to their customers. The animation is formatted for Instagram Stories.  All the photographs and fabrics shown here are property of Kravet Inc, GP&J Baker and H&M.​​​​​​​
Showcasing both the interior, home fabrics simultaneously with the clothing and fashion pieces presented a unique design challenge, especially for the email layout. The story needed to clearly show that the patterns are historic pieces from GP&Baker’s archives that were re-imagined into woman’s fashion.
​​​​​​​Using a gridded design layout, the email was coded where a consumer could shop both the H&M website and the Kravet website. There are no overlapping shapes between the clothing and home fabric products but an editorial style was maintained using thin outlines to “box” in the different graphics and elements.
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