The purpose of creating this catalog was to give salespeople a comprehensive tool to sell furniture made by the brand, Lee Jofa. Lee Jofa is a high-end to-the-trade brand well known in the interior design industry for the quality of their goods.
My main task as the graphic designer assigned to this project was to take the data received from the Lee Jofa Furniture Department and create a catalog that presents each item in the clearest way, along with all the various options that went with it. Consistency and organization was key to aid in the user’s experience and ease with placing a furniture order.​​​​​​
​​​​​​​This piece is a total of 148 pages long including front and back cover. I did editing work to the cover image (shown below). All page elements, particularly in the mirrors section, were created specifically for this catalog. I worked closely with the furniture team as well as the in-house photographer and marketing team. There was an extensive approval process and the catalog was overseen by an art director and the brand manager of Lee Jofa. It features the brand's corporate font (gill sans) and colors (Pantone 7519; converted to CMYK for print).
Ultimately the catalog proved to be a very useful selling tool as the large images and neatly listed features of each item left the user informed. This is catalog was released in 2016 and was used by the Lee Jofa sales force for two years.
The catalog is broken up by sections of furniture with each piece in alphabetical order. This system of organization brought several design challenges. Firstly, each section needed to maintain an even number of pages. It also meant that each section had unique features specific to that category of furniture.
To promote the catalog, I was also tasked with designing an email. It was important to showcase the newest features of the catalog and present all it had to offer.
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